Kontinent Group LLC is an enterprise with serious capacities that has been working stably for a decade and a half. Wide possibilities of production, engineering and technical elaborations and choice of materials solve any architecture tasks with high quality. We guarantee high quality of our constructions and all mounting works.

Kontinent has the international ISO 9001 quality certificate. Thus, this is one of the few enterprises in Ukraine in production of plastic and aluminum constructions, certified on high international standards.


производство пвх оконProduction of windows is a complicated multi-stage process requiring strict accordance to the technologies in every details. The company Kontinent, beginning from 1997, has been dealing with production of metallic-plastic window constructions. At present the Kontinent is a single enterprise in Ukraine which has a complex approach to production of windows. Wide possibilities of production, engineering and technical elaborations and choice of materials allow the company Kontinent solving on high level any architecture tasks, allow producing constructions of high quality of any configurations with different glazing types.



завод пластиковых окон- High quality of constructions proved with quality certificates, including ISO 9001:2008
- Wide possibilities of production of individual constructions. Laminated windows, arch and panoramic windows, entrance and sliding doors, balcony glazing and many other.
- We are trusted to. Our customers are large construction companies of Ukraine. We glazed over million of standard windows in residential houses and over 1000 large objects, shopping centers, hotels, hospitals, kindergartens, schools and higher schools.

At present the enterprise consists of several departments:

- construction and technological department dealing with developing profile systems, technologies of construction assembling, materials and mounting methods. The department deals with developing and introduction of energy saving and sun-control materials and technologies;
- the plant of production of windows, doors, sliding constructions of PVC and aluminum, with production capacity of 30 000 constructions per month, which in the nearest future will be increased to 1 000 per day;
- the workshop of production of glass packets of any complexity, with production capacity of up to 2000 glass packets per day;
- the workshop of production and preparation of supplements to windows for sale: mosquito nets, windowsills, water drains, shields;
- the workshop of extruding PVC profiles and windowsills;
- the workshop of production of aluminum profiles, profiles for mosquito nets and shields for private houses;
- the workshop of painting profiles and products of aluminum and other metals;
- subdivision of storing and shipping ready production.

завод оконKontinent is a reliable and tested partner. The customers of the enterprise are:

- over 500 constant dealers, construction organizations on ready constructions;
- over 200 production enterprises purchasing wholesale moulded profiles of PVC and aluminum, windowsills, water drains, balcony shields, profiles and components for production of mosquito nets of own production;
- as a big wholesale enterprise, Kontinent is a supplier of all range of materials and components for production of windows and doors of PVC and aluminum for over 200 enterprises.



At present our plant is one the biggest plants in production of metallic-plastic window constructions in Ukraine. Keeping up with market demands, we introduced materials and technologies for production of windows with intensified protection against loss of heat, against noise and break-in.

We use energy saving (low-emission) glasses and filling in the glass packets with inert gases for intensified protection against loss of heat. Furniture with anti-break-in elements is used for protection against break-in. We produce glass packets of special configurations with different glass width for intensifying protection against noise.

At present, both the plant and the brand are indisputable leaders of the branch. Great number of large objects and private houses were glazed with constructions produced at the plant Kontinent. Windows and façades produced at the plant decorate hoses of many towns of the region.


The workshop of PVC

The plant Kontinent offer to the customer only high-quality and certified products of PVC. They are produced at modern high-technological equipment providing the highest The enterprise uses two-head cutting-off saws Elumatec (Germany), STB Fimtec (Italy) with programmed control, which cut profiles with accuracy of up to parts of a millimeter. This provides exact compliance of construction geometry with specified parameters. As a result, the windows have exact conformity and absolute correctness of geometry.

Automatic screwdrivers perform installation of self-tapping screws with specified force and at specified distance depending on types of profiles. This provides necessary rigidity for the construction.

Self-cementing lathes Elumatec (Germany) allow performing milling of technological holes strictly in specified place. It is very important for providing conditions of self-ventilation of profiles. Due to correct ventilation of profile, the probability of appearing of condensate in the winter period and profile deformation in the summer period and water draining from internal chambers reduces.



Производство пластиковых оконFour-headed completely automated welding stations Stutz (Germany), STB Fimtec (Italy) perform welding of  work-pieces in constructions quickly (in one operation) and with exactness of up to a millimeter in accordance with dimensions programmed in the lathe exactly in the plane, which cannot be reached with more simple lathes.

High-precision intelligent cleanup stations Stutz (Gernany), STB Fimtec (Italy) perform complete automatic treatment of angle (cutting off the rests of welding seam) without man’s participation. At that, the profile type is defined by the lathes automatically. Man’s non-participation in this operation excludes errors.

Strict control of the quality department, having no analogues at other enterprises of this branch, estimates appearance of the window, correctness of location of all elements of construction and operability of furniture.

Производство пластиковых окон

Constructions of individual shapes are produced at the plant Kontinent at a separate line. Application of special equipment allows creating the most complicated windows, doors, sliding systems for design of different interiors and façades. Such constructions can be dead and opening, arch-shaped and trapezoidal, triangle-shaped and even round. The process of their production does not differ principally from the usual process, but it is more complicated and laborious.



The aluminum workshop

завод оконProduction of articles of aluminum is a process usually requiring exactness and strict observance of technologies. High quality of aluminum constructions produced by the enterprise is proved by consumers and experts from product to product. For long functioning of doors produced with application of aluminum profiles, profile angle connections made with high quality are very important. Stable and hermetic connection of angles and joints is reached due to special mechanical angle joints with subsequent sticking of angle connections with special glue for aluminum. Modern pressing machines provide durability, reliability and exactness of joint treatment.



завод оконJoints’ absolute quality when pressing is achieved by means of using German bench made by Pressta Eisele.

Modern two-head saw Elumatec cuts profile with centi-millimeters accuracy. This excludes gaps in profile corner joints.

You want to have aluminum arch? Team of experienced engineers will accurately estimate necessary materials and accessories and high-skilled workers will make the construction in full compliance with design. Special bending bench allows making an elegant individual façade. Arc constructions are possible to make from any type of profile.


Accessories assembling

Accessories of leading European manufacturers has proved its quality in Ukrainian market long ago. Reliable, multifunctional, diverse, installed in our plant using specialized Elumateс benches, accessories become a reliable guardian for long time. Wing accessories are attached at specialized tables in the shape of a guillotine for cutting accessories and pneumatic screwdriver. This tables automatically adjust the guillotine to cut the accessories in length of a wing. Thanks to this process, a perfect attachment of accessories elements is achieved that provides its further reliable functioning. Accessories installation is done using special telescopic shapes. These shapes allow precise elements’ positioning.  


Glass workshop

Own, completely automated glass workshop allows plastic windows plant to control quality of glass units production, reduce construction cost and time of production. Besides that, high-skilled specialists make glass units of different complexity: round, arc, triangular. Different glass units’ configurations are available: single chamber, dual chamber, with different glass thickness and distance frames.

Производство пластиковых окон800 glass units of any complexity are manufactured per shift on Austrian line «Lisec». Italian distance frames «Alu Pro», primary and secondary heretics «Fenzi», energy saving glass «Guardiаn» are used in glass units production. Usually, glass sheets with dimensions 3,21х2,25 m and thickness 4mm, 5 mm, 6 mm is delivered to the workshop. According to the technical specification, glass sheets are sent to automatic program controlled glass cutting table. In parallel with this process, a distance frame is manufactured (a frame, that is installed in perimeter of glass unit) with application of primary hermetic.



Blanks then go to washing machine and after that to glass unit automated assembling station. Here you can already see construction that looks like a ready glass unit. Process is automated and mistake or defect possibility is reduced to the very minimum. Pressing and quality control go next. After quality control, secondary hermetic is applied – two component polysulphide.  It has high level adhesion with glass and distance frame that plays a great role to form moisture and sound proof complete glass unit.

Glass installation is done on special stands in operation conditions of ready construction – that is vertically.
In manufacturing of translucent constructions, Kontinent plant uses state-of-art equipment and technologies. Besides, high-skilled team of specialists and workers work in production workshops. This entire complex guarantees sealness of glass units and correct operation of constructions for long time.

Windows production should only be trusted to most experienced and highly-skilled manufacturers like Kontinent plant.

Kontinent Group LLC, trade mark Continent Windows

Production area up to 10000 m2. Own glazing workshop. Capacity up to 500 constructions a day. Staff over 400 persons.