Automatic thresholds

Automatic doorsills are built into the bottom of the door panel and cover the interval between door panel and the floor when the door is closed. These doorsills are installed instead of usual sills mounted into the floor. These sills are used:

•    for effective protection against unpleasant smells, smoke, moisture and light (for example, this is actual for a bathroom);
•    to increase acoustic insulation;
•    to eliminate draught;
•    to increase heat insulation features of a door;
•    are adjusted automatically for uneven or inclined floor;
•    prevent intrusion of insects;
•    are not trampled and do not require constant care and restoration;
•    do not hinder moving between rooms and do not interrupt floor covering.

Technically, the automatic inter sill between rooms is an aluminum profile with rubber sealer on a spring inside it. When the door is in open, the automatic sill is hidden inside the panel – and the door can move freely over the floor surface. At closing the door, the button of the automatic sill which outstands from the butt end of the leaf actuates the spring which pulls the sill out of the panel. The sill is pressed to the floor and covers completely the clearance between the panel and the floor.

Pleasant price of the automatic doorsill is its additional advantage.


DA 3062

Laid on automatic doorsill. It is mounted laid on the panel

Brand L, мм
DA3062080 800
DA3062100 1000





DA 6004 

Mortise automatic doorsill (is built inside the panel)

Brand L, мм
DA6004080FR 800
DA6004100FR 1000





DA 7004

Mortise automatic doorsill (is built inside the panel)

DA7004080FR 800
DA7004100FR 1000


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