Canopies for entrance doors Balcony Canopies

 Canopies for entrance doors


Scheme (standard dimensions)

схема козырька





Insert: plate of chamber polycarbonate of brown color.







Scheme (standard dimensions)

схема козырька




Color palette

Three colors – white, brown, grey.







Scheme (standard dimensions)

схема козырька из поликарбоната




Color palette

Three colors – white, brown, grey.







Scheme (standard dimensions)







Color palette

Three colors – white, brown, grey.

цветовая палитра козырьков из поликарбоната




For those who live in a private house, there is no question if a Canopy above the entrance door is necessary. The Canopy is surely necessary. It should be fine, durable, serve as protection of entrance door from rainfalls. The construction should be light but strong. We offer Canopies of polycarbonate of original design with esthetic appearance. Different color solutions give individuality to the products. As a result we get modern design in European style. They are produced of colorless or brown polycarbonate. The construction is aluminum profiles dyed with powder dye in white, grey or brown. Life time of a Canopy is up to 50 years! The Canopies have different shape and dimension types.

The Canopies of polycarbonate have indisputable advantages:

- lightness;

- durability;

- not exposed to corrosion;

- ecologically clean and safe;

- coating does not fade, does not crumble, is resistant to mechanical and physical impacts.


Side elements

боковой элемент козырька для входных дверейAn additional element of the Canopy is a side wall made of the same materials as the Canopy. This is a fine possibility to make additional protection from side wind or rain. The side wall is an additional decoration attracting special attention. Side wall can be fixed both on the left and on the right, which allows adapting construction for individual space requirements.






Balcony Canopies

балконные козырьки - схема монтажаWe strive to protect our balcony and things inside from snow, freezing, moisture by glazing our balconies and loggias. But whereas our windows are hidden into deepening of window apertures from direct impact atmospheric rainfalls, balcony glazing directly gets all the impact of natural forces. Balcony canopy helps to ease that impact.

Balcony canopy is resistant to rainfalls and temperature drops, and it will reliably protect the glazed balcony or loggia against excessive moisture, snow and icing. Application of a canopy at mounting balconies and loggias increases significantly quality of final result. Balcony canopies are made of zinc-coated steel tape by the roll-forming method.

For coloring, the powder dye based on polyester with high resistance is used. Thickness of steel is 0.55 mm. Canopies are presented in two standard colors – white and brown. But coloring of canopy in standard colors of the RAL palette is possible.

The main advantages are: reliable protection from excessive moisture, snow, icing, resistance to impacts of atmospheric precipitations and temperature drops.

                                217х30mm, 310х30mm                                                                      180х100mm

балконные козырьки          балконные козырьки



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