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An important part of the door that requires special attention is the threshold. The need to protect the threshold is due to the strong mechanical impact to which it is exposed. I often stumble over a threshold, which leads to scratches and deformations. The threshold should be such that you can safely step on it and not worry about the appearance of the profile itself.

The Kontinent-Group LLC solved this problem for its customers. We have developed an aluminum trim on the threshold of the balcony door, which is attached to the PVC profile with glue or screws. The support can be installed on a new design, as well as on a previously installed and working balcony door.

Low threshold makes it easy to exit the room.
The threshold height reaches only 2 cm
A Modern Solution for Comfort and Functionality

Underlay profile combines the highest compressive strength with the best thermal insulation and low weight. High rigidity (2% compression under working load) and excellent long-term stability make the underlay profile a problem-solver for many insulation and lightweight construction applications.

Scheme of the warm threshold

Scheme of threshold

Scheme of threshold with thermal bridge

Scheme of threshold

Scheme of threshold with thermal bridge

Scheme of threshold

Base profile

Thermoplastic plastic foam with a density of 100 - 400 kg / m3 based on the polymer polystyrene (PS). In its physical construction and chemical construction, it corresponds completely to the well-known expanded polystyrene (EPS, StyroporR).

The smallest closed-cell foam balls with a diameter of less than 1 mm are thermally welded together on their cell walls to form a solid block.

The innovation of pad profile is to expand this known technology to densities many times higher. This results in unique material properties with the security of a material that has been tried and tested over decades.

Base profile

Always remains dimensionally stable. A change in shape does not happen even with constantly changing environmental conditions.

  • Fire behavior
  • Dimensional stability
  • Thermal resistance
  • Compressive strength
  • Creep behavior
  • Water absorption
  • Frost / thaw alternating stress

Base profile

In cases where a large number of people pass through the doors every day, the aluminum pads of the sleepers are simply necessary. They will be an excellent way of reconstruction and for the slightly damaged balcony door sills. As a result, the threshold is harmoniously combined with the modern design of the building and its quality characteristics remain unchanged for decades.

The door box of the balcony door must serve for a long time and preserve its original shape. The lower part of the door case is exposed to the maximum load. The threshold must be such that you can step on it calmly and do not worry about the appearance of the profile itself.

In the event that the threshold of the balcony door is made of ordinary plastic, it must be provided with a special aluminum cladding. It protects the profile from scratches and damage.


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