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With the comprehensive Roto Door product range, Roto is the most complete door technology supplier. Locks, hinges, threshold systems – for your individual adapted entrance doors you get everything from a single provider.

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Doors are completed with press set, press handle or office handle. The handles have different variants in colour and shape. Press handles can be installed only in white and black colours. They are mostly used on aluminum doors. Press sets. They are often completed with a lock or other locking mechanism. The set consists of two handles with spring mechanism, connecting spindle of square section, stoppers and actually the locking mechanism, for example a lock. There are available press sets in the following colours: white, dark-brown. Office handles. The Group of companies "Kontinent" offers handles made of aluminum pipe of various diameters. It has shape of a bracket, semicircle and triangle.

For standard handles, inter-axle distance is 20 and 30 cm. For lux-type handles, inter-axle distance is usually 90-120 cm. In standard, the handles are of white colour. If a different colour is required, the handle can be ordered in one of standard RAL palette colours. In case of an increased risk of hacking, it is advisable to multiply the protection by additional security functions in accordance with the European standard defining the resistance class (RC) - the higher the class, the higher the level of security. In the case of class RC1, additional fittings (fuses) are installed in the window to secure each corner of the leaf with a handle equipped with a key. RC2 requires increased safety when using tools such as a screwdriver, pliers or crowbar.

Wide range of colours to match the door.
Durable and easy to use. Ergonomic shape.
Enhanced protection against hacking attempts.
hinges 1


The Turkish production of door hinges for PVC systems is considered to be of one of the highest quality in its technical specifications and adjustment range, which allows placing it in one row with the European hinge production.

  • two models 80 mm and 105 mm are used for doors with various width of profile
  • hinges made of high-strength alloy
  • material of axle – stainless steel
  • construction provides anti-break-in functions and wide adjustment range
  • calculated load (weight of leaf) 115 kg


Door hinges of FLORENCE family is the only production in range of the company Fapim (Italy) intended for doors of PVC profile. It should be noted that this “special feature” in the goods row of the firm Fapim did not disturb door hinges to establish an excellent reputation both in quality and in price category. By its technical solutions and adjustment range this hinge is considered to be of one of the highest quality and prestige among those presented at present at the European market.

  • two models 80 mm and 105 mm used for doors with various width of profile
  • hinges made of high-strength alloy
  • material of axle with diameter of 12 mm – stainless steel
  • construction provides anti-break-in functions and wide adjustment range
  • calculated load (weight of leaf) 125 kg
hinges 2
Hinge Calculated load Manufacturing country Reliability in operation
Pavo 125 kg Turkey 0,69 - 0,91
Florence 115 kg Italy Longer than Pavo, is operated without adjusting
hinges 3

Hinges used for aluminum doors

  • Not adjustable not expensive Turkish production AK-102 hinge. It can be used only for doors of aluminum series Asas-10 due to its construction features. It has an attractive price and is often used at equipping interior premises of shops and offices. AK-102 hinge is intended for leaf weight up to 150 kg.
  • Adjustable hinge of Italian production of the firm Savio. It can be installed at any type of profile system. The hinge is intended for load up to 160 kg (2 hinges for a leaf) or up to 180 kg (3 hinges for a leaf). They are equipped with self-lubricating inserts and semi-globular rods with damper effect – they provide 1 000 000 opening cycles. Pressing is adjusted by changing position of lower eccentric into one of three positions.
  • The both types of hinges have high safety margin and are intended for great number of openings.
Hinge Calculated load Using with profile Manufacturing country
Asas-10 Asas-46 Asas-69
AK-102 150 kg yes no no Turkey
Savio Mechanica 180 kg yes yes yes Italy

Door locks

All door locks with which Kontinent-Group LLC works, are of high quality, made of steel and have silver zinc coating. There is a wide choice of response parts available, specially matched for every profile. Depending on the set task, the doors can be completed in different ways:

  • with not expensive short locks
  • with multi-locking locks-rods providing reliable leaf pressing to the frame in five points (used only on the doors of PVC). There is no locking in several points required in connection with sufficient rigidity of aluminum construction

By fixation method in short locks there are also different variants availably:

  • a snap for press set
  • a roller – for office handle. They are mostly used in a set the with door closer
  • semi-automat with additional closing of wing-rod from the key (balcony door)
hinges 4
hinges 5

Hinges used for aluminum doors

Door holders serve for convenience of opening and closing the door, smoothly closing the door and not allowing its opening more than intended limitation of the door closer, which prevents mechanic damage of walls and door handle at door opening for 180 for 180°, it prolongs the life time and of hinges and is an additional convenience in operation. Choosing the door closer model depends on the width, weight and angle of door opening. Kontinent-Group LLC uses door holders of trade mark series “Dorma” and “Kale” for different door weight. There often arise situations when it is necessary to keep the door open for some period: carrying of clothes, ventilation, cleaning the room etc. For such cases, to avoid damages, it is better to install a door closer with holder. At correct installation of the door closer, the door opened to 90° will be closed evenly and smoothly. At correct operation, it is enough to perform adjusting only at significant change of environment temperature – 2-4 times a year. It should be taken into consideration that efficiency of door closer’s operation depends in many aspects on the quality of the door hinge and of hinge and on hinges quality. Door closer will work well, if the door was installed correctly. Therefore mounting moment is very important. That should be done by a highly professional experienced installer. Too strongDoor holders are not to be installed on light and narrow doors. According to the table presented below, you can choose a door closer of needed strength with certain weight and width.

Door closer model Strength of door closer (closing strength). Spring force Recommended width of door, mm Recommended weight of door, kg
Dorma 1 <750 20
2 <850 40
TS-68 3 <950 60
TS-68, TS-71 4 <1100 80
TS-71, TS-83 5 <1250 100
TS-83 6 <1400 120
TS-90 7 <1600 140

The Kale door closer is mainly used for doors with weight about 100 kg. Operation rules should be observed at operation of door with a door closer.

You should not “help” the door to close more quickly or slowly; put any objects under the door, hang, ride on the door or on the rods of the door closer.


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