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Solar-control films are used for protection against the sun. For the right choice it is necessary to understand which namely obstacle for the light should be created. For example, the “20 SI” film will transmit only 20% of visible light, the “50 SI” film – 50% accordingly. The higher this value is, the more light comes into the room. Mainly the films are used which transmit 15, 20, 35 and 50 percent of light. These films also can be of different colors. Main colors of films:

  • bronze
  • sun (copper) bronze
  • silver
  • grey films
  • coal-colored
  • blue
  • green
  • golden

The films of types “Vista” and “Light” have double purpose: increasing energy saving function of glass unit and solar-control function. By means of these films economy in energy saving of up to 60% can be reached. “Vista 35” will transmit 35% of sun light, and also save up to 60% of energy inside the room.

All films provide effect of energy saving, and also shockproof effect.

Special solar-control glasses have many advantages compared to films.

  • Glass is mass-coloured and it does not fade in the course of time
  • It has a well favoured appearance
  • Coating is resistant to mechanical effect, therefore it can be used as mono-glass (no double glassing unit) and it does not require special protection when in service
  • it protects interior design items from fading efficiently
  • High degree of reflection and control of solar energy.

For effective protection of the room against overheating, multifunctional glass is used at production of glass units. Multifunctional glass and i-glass are different types of glass and they are made in different ways, and whereas the i-glass reflects energy into one side, the multifunctional glass reflects to both sides.

This glass allows not only protecting the room against overheating in summer, but also getting good heat protection values in winter. Filling in the chambers with inert gas will also affect positively increasing those features of glass unit.

Production technology of energy saving i-glass includes five-layer application of silver oxides on the glass surface.

Up to ten different metallic layers are applied on the glass surface at production of multifunctional glass. Different metals reflect solar wave energy of different length. Silver oxides reflect heat energy inwards, saving heat inside the room in winter, and other metal layers reflect solar energy outwards. The Group of companies "Kontinent" uses in production the multifunctional glass ClimaGuard Solar from the Guardian company.

Therefore multifunctional glass combines solar-control features and energy saving features, unlike i-glass which bears only one of the above-mentioned characteristics, and namely energy saving.

In hot weather the glass unit with multifunctional glass impedes getting up to 58% of heat rays into the room.

Less amount of penetrating heat rays allows economize significantly electric energy for air conditioning – the room get warm significantly more slowly even on a hot July noon.

Multifunctional glasses, unlike glasses tinted in mass or with the film, do not create shading effect and by that they do not reduce illumination in the room, but at the same time they protect the room effectively against overheating. The visible ray passes through multifunctional glass practically without hindrance.

For the same reason multifunctional glass does not distort naturalness of colors – and the landscape outside the window looks as natural as through the ordinary glass.

Scarcely visible mirror effect of multifunctional glasses can become an additional advantage at keeping complete transparency from inside. More detailed information about multifunctional glass can be learned in the section Features of multifunctional glass.

Insulating glass

The heat shield glass is also a high-tech glazing specially designed and coated with an additional layer. Coatings are invisible to the human eye, but reliably do their job. Double glazing using multi-function glass and coated glass would be a good solution for insulating glazing.

An external multifunctional glass panel is prepared to protect from sunlight in summer, and a glass panel made of glass from the side of the room also has heat-insulating properties and reduces heat loss in the cold season. Warm edges and filling the space with argon or krypton further reduce heat loss.

Sun glass

This type of glass protects your home from excessive heat by reflecting infrared radiation. This effect is possible thanks to a special metal-dielectric film, which is completely invisible to the human eye and transmits light freely. The combination of insulating and sunscreen in your glazing allows you to achieve a very pleasant effect.

On the one hand, the insulating layer helps to save energy, since it does not allow any energy to escape through the glass and thus provides heat in the winter. On the other hand, the outer layer with sun protection reflects additional rays in the summer, protecting your home from overheating. Triple glazing with such a glass mixture is an ideal solution for all types of residential premises.

High-tech multi-function glass
Protects your home from excessive heat
Provides heat in the winter
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Benefits of Noble Gases

In evaluating energy efficiency, the value of U, which describes the thermal conductivity of the window, is critical. The lower the U value, the higher the energy efficiency.

Energy efficiency can be improved by using rare gas. Argon is often used for this. Argon prevents cold from entering the house and retains heat inside. Thus, double-glazed windows guarantee a pleasant indoor climate and help reduce heating costs.

Energy efficiency

In order to further improve the thermal insulation properties of the window, in addition to double glazing, special glass panels with special thermal insulation properties are used. The external panel is prepared in such a way that it protects from sunlight in the summer and from heat loss in the winter. Glass from the side of the room also has heat-insulating properties and further reduces heat loss in the cold season.

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Energy saving

To improve the heat-insulating properties of window glazing, there are special glasses that reflect thermal energy and hold it in the room. Such glass has a special coating that rotates inside the glass block.

Glazing of windows with special energy-saving glasses has significantly better thermal insulation properties than simple glazing. Such glass can be used in a glazing system with sun protection, if it consists of three glasses, so such a glass window with argon filling and warm frames is simply the best that the market can offer.


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