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Shockproof, protective and sound insulating glass units

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Certainly only two-chamber glass unit can be considered as sound insulating. For increasing sound insulating features of two-chamber glass units, there is a method – application glasses and distance frames of different thickness in one glass unit. In this case usual physical laws work. This method allows effective putting out the sonic wave.

Also very effective will be filling in the chambers with inert gas for increasing soundproofing features of glass unit. Inert gas detains passing sonic waves 1.2-1.3 times better than air. Inert gas is safe for human health, for it is non-combustible and is a component of air.

Safe noise protection
Passive safety
Enhanced burglary protection

For production of armored glass units we use shockproof (armoring) films. Films 70 micron and 105 micron thick in complex with glass are able to endure shock loads of different power up to 25 kg. They are installed mainly for splinterlessness of window glasses.

The films 215 micron and 285 micron thick are intended mainly for protection against violence.

They are able to endure a shock made with not large object, for example a piece of ice, stone etc. The point of application of the film is increasing the time of entry of strangers into the room. The thicker armoring film is, the more difficult it will be to get over the glass obstacle. These films are completely transparent and do not influence on transmission of the sun light. And at the same time they have a tangible energy saving effect. Energy saving gets increased for 15-20%.

Application of special shockproof tempered glass or triplex glass is possible at glass unit production. The triplex glass is made of two layers of glass joined between each other with a special shockproof film. Production period of glass unit with application of shockproof glasses is longer than that of glass units with ordinary glass.

Noise protection

Not only is thermal insulation an important task for the window, but also noise protection. The task becomes more and more relevant with the migration to the big cities. The protection from the hum of car engines, passing trams and loud subways is of the utmost importance in our lives. Neglecting the noise protection issue can lead to the development of mental disorders that develop with the constant exposure to loud noise. Our company recommends choosing triple glazing for better sound insulation, because their properties fit best. In order to create a peaceful and pleasant environment in your living space, you should isolate your house from the big city, as tranquility is an essential part of peace.

Safety glass (shatterproof glass)

The safety glass has two important and useful uses. First, protecting your home comes from unwanted intrusion, and second, it is like preventing injuries from broken glass due to carelessness and carelessness. The protective glass is specially revised for this.

Single-pane safety glass (ESG) is simple glass that is heated up to 650-680 degrees Celsius and quickly cooled evenly from two sides. Thanks to such processing, residual mechanical loads occur in the surface layers of the glass. They give the ESG its improved mechanical strength, heat resistance and break resistance. If broken, such a glass will break into many small pieces of rubble without sharp edges that cannot cause serious injuries. This type of glass has increased impact resistance and reduces the likelihood of an unwanted break-in into your home.

Laminated safety glass (VSG) consists of at least two organic or silicate glass panes that are glued together under pressure and heat using a highly tear-resistant, tough-elastic high-polymer film. This creates a transparent glass composite with increased resistance and safety properties. Such a glass represents an even more serious obstacle to burglary, since its fragmentation takes a lot of time.

Protective glass

New technologies in glass production enable excellent insulation properties to be achieved. Heating the house and protecting it from excessive rays are already trivial tasks.

- Thermal protection glass

To further improve the insulating properties of the window, special glass panes with special insulating properties are used in addition to the triple glazing. Thermal protection glass is also a high-tech glass that is specially constructed and coated. The coatings are invisible to the human eye, but do their job reliably. A good solution for thermal insulation glazing would be triple glazing with multifunctional glass and coated glass. The outer multifunctional glass pane is prepared to protect against sunlight in summer and the b-glass pane on the room side also has insulating properties and reduces heat loss in the cold season. Warm edges and filling the spaces with argon or krypton further reduce heat loss.

- sun protection glass

This type of glass protects your home from excessive heat by reflecting infrared radiation. Such an effect is possible thanks to a special metal-dielectric film that is completely invisible to human eyes and lets light through freely.

With the combination of insulating and sun protection glass in your glazing, you could achieve a very pleasant effect. On the one hand, the insulating layer helps to save energy, since it does not let any energy come out through glass, and thus supplies the heat during winter time, and on the other hand, the outer layer with sun protection reflects extra rays in summer by protecting your house from overheating. Triple glazing with such a glass mixture is a perfect solution for living spaces of all types.


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Decorative films are used for decoration of windows in style of building façades. In production the plant “Continent-Windows” uses films of American production of the firm Lizard. Decorative films are as a rule non-transparent matt and can transmit the sun light in different amounts. And such films as “BK 00” are completely non-transparent. Mainly the thickness of such films does not exceed 70 microns. Main colors of decorative films applied by us: matt bronze, matt white, matt silver, BK 00 – black. At individual order, decoration with other colors is possible.

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