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Insulated glass units

Depending on the number of sheets of glass used, double-glazed windows are:
- Single chamber - 2 sheets of glass separated by a distance frame.
- Two-chamber - 3 sheets of glass separated by 2 distance frames.

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In the manufacture of windows that meet the highest requirements, either single-chamber (two glass) or two-chamber (three glass) double-glazed windows are mainly used. Single-chamber double-glazed windows are installed, as a rule, in office buildings and non-residential premises, 2 chamber double-glazed windows in residential buildings, 3 chamber double-glazed windows are used in areas with especially harsh climatic conditions.

Experts advise choosing a double-glazed window for a window depending on the climatic conditions of the area in which it is installed, and all the properties of a double-glazed window depend on the number of chambers and the type of glass in the double-glazed window.

Only the most high-quality double-glazed windows can solve all the problems and requirements as efficiently as possible. And the quality of a double-glazed window, of course, directly depends on the components used for its production.

Ordinary glass unit suits only for technical use. When using energy saving glass, good values of heat saving in winter are obtained. When using multifunctional glass, a solar-control factor is added to good heat protection features, and the glass unit finds wide application in the rooms thereof windows face the sun directly. One-chamber glass unit has poor soundproofing features.

Additional insulating properties due to special coating
Energy efficiency
Long service life

One-chamber glass unit

Duble glazing Single Single
two-glasses two-glasses two-glasses
Type of glass unit 4+16+4 _24 4+16+4low-E _24low-E 4+16+4low-E _24low-E with Argon
Thermal transmittance, W/m2K 2,7 1,4 1,1
Solar energy transmission 80% 73% 57%
Acoustic insulation low low low
Application in offices, industrial and commercial buildings, where high heat saving and acoustic insulation not required in any purpose buildings in quite quarters in rooms of lower floors or those facing the north side in any purpose buildings in quite quarters in rooms of upper floors or those facing the south side

The two-chamber glass unit keeps microclimate in the room much better than one-chamber glass unit. Besides, this glass unit has better acoustic insulation features. Unlike one-chamber glass unit, two energy saving glasses (for maximal values of heat saving in the room) or energy saving glass and multifunctional glass (for maximal values of saving heat in the room with additional solar-control filter) can be used in it at the same time.

Depending on the glass and components used, there are the next types of double-glazed windows:

  • Standard - no additional features.
  • Soundproof - two-chamber with different widths of chambers.
  • Energy-saving - with one or two energy-saving glasses, with a warm spacer bar, filled with gas.
  • Sun-protection - with multifunction glass.
  • Tinted - with coloured glass, painted in mass.
  • Shock-resistant - made of special tempered glass or safe glass.
Significant increase in thermal insulation
Energy efficiency
Minimum heat transfer coefficients

Our double-glazed windows solve the main tasks:

  • Energy saving - let heat in, keep it there; delay the cold and wind outside.
  • Noise isolation - leave all the noise outside.
  • Light control - let in maximum light.
  • Security - protect the building if it is accessible from the outside.
  • Durability - preservation of characteristics for the entire service life.

A double-glazed window occupies 90% of the window area and, therefore, the life and characteristics of both the double-glazed window and the entire window block will depend on the quality of the components, and therefore, the satisfaction of the buyer of the window product with the microclimate of the room in which it will be installed.

Energy saving – the Premium glass unit keeps heat in the room 2.6 times better than the ordinary 24 mm glass unit. Economy – using two energy saving glasses in one glass unit approaches loss of heat to zero.

Two-chamber glass unit

Optima Super Premium
three-glasses three-glasses three-glasses
Type of glass unit 4-20Ar-4-16Ar-4_48 4-20Ar-4-16Ar-4i_48i 4i-20Ar-4-16Ar-4i_48i
Thermal transmittance, W/m2K 1,7 0,9 0,5
Solar energy transmission 72% 66% 42%
Acoustic insulation high high high
Application in all kinds of premises with minimal requirements of heat saving in noisy quarters of city, near highways and railways in all kinds of premises with minimal requirements of solar control in noisy quarters of city, near highways and railways in all kinds of premises with minimal requirements of upper floors facing the south side in noisy quarters of city, near highways and railways


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