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mosquito net for windows and doors

Group of companies "Kontinent" offers several types of moscow nets under different conditions of operation

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Mosquito net

Thanks to our mosquito nets, you will effectively protect your house / apartment from insects, and nothing will stop you from relaxing or sleeping. Mosquito nets are also an effective barrier to pollen, especially if the apartment is near crowded places or construction sites. The ease of installation, the ability to keep clean, and the durability and durability give the mosquito net an advantage over other insect and pollution control solutions.


  • reliable barrier for insects of various sizes, including small midges
  • strong mount
  • easy to assemble and dismantle
  • does not spoil the appearance of the house, unlike home-made mosquitoes
  • it is well cleared by the vacuum cleaner or a damp rag
The perfect solution and insect protection
Installation on balcony doors and rear exit doors from the houses
Easy to assemble and dismantle

It is best to install a mosquito net in early spring so that it performs its protective function until late autumn. After this period, the mosquito net must be removed, saved and saved until the next season.

Our experts will help you find the right option. A modern mosquito net will become not only reliable protection, but also a stylish element of your interior.

mosquito window net 10x20

The mosquito net 10x20 has two types of fastening: stationary on the corners-pockets and on the hinges, like a small door. The hinge is convenient when a clothes dryer is located outside the window or balcony. Corners are attached to the outside of the frame using self-tapping screws. This is historically the most popular mosquito system. It is simple and has a nice value.

window frame 10x30

The mosquito net window frame 10x30 is installed only on the windows. Its feature is that it is mounted without drilling a window frame. Steel hooks tightly clamp the mesh in the light opening.

mosquito door stack 17x25

The mosquito door stack 17x25 is installed on doors and large windows. This grid has a more powerful profile, strong corner connectors, special loops. Such a net is placed on the balcony doors and the doors of the rear exit from the house.


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