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The spacer bar plays the role of the main element of the glass unit, as it is responsible for the rigidity of the construction and is able to withstand various types of loads.

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For the production of modern translucent constructions, "Continent" uses aluminum spacers in the manufacture of double-glazed windows. It is a hollow aluminum welded profile with two parallel rows of perforations on the face.

Provides the same distance between the glass in a glass unit, serves to create a heat-insulating air (or gas) layer (chamber) with a width determined by the size of the spacer frame, provides the necessary strength to the glass unit, is responsible for the rigidity of the construction and the ability to withstand various types of loads, and is also a container for a desiccant. The aluminum spacer does not pose a health hazard, is non-flammable, odorless and contains no toxic or harmful components.

Provides the size and strength of the glass unit
Serves to separate glass
Moisture absorber container

The classic spacer is made of aluminum.

The assortment of "Continent" includes the following types of "cold" aluminum spacers:

• Bending - wall thickness 0.32-0.36 mm, used in industries with bending machines. Manufactured by Profilglass, Alu-Pro (Italy).

• Standard (for cutting) - wall thickness 0.25-0.28 mm, provides maximum rigidity and reliability of the glass unit during manual assembly, does not deform when bent into an arch. Manufactured by Profilglass, Alu-Pro (Italy).

• It has only one connection point for the frame, 4 times more airtight than the frame for assembly at the corners (4 joints).

Designed to insulate the internal glass of a glass unit from fluctuations in air temperature outside. Due to this, the temperature of the glass surface from the room side is 4-5 degrees warmer than when using a conventional aluminum frame. This is sufficient to prevent condensation from forming.

When aluminum spacers are used, a cold bridge is formed along the contour of the glass unit, because aluminum perfectly conducts cold. This cold bridge results in cooling along the edge of the glass.

Warm spacers are free from this drawback. Reducing heat transfer is achieved by using materials other than in the classic spacer frame for its manufacture - PVC, polycarbonate, stainless steel.

Prevents condensation and reduces heat loss
The service life is long
The minimum coefficient of linear expansion

The "warm" spacer is made of PVC, polycarbonate and stainless steel:

• PVC or GRP body + aluminum escutcheon - used for manual assembly.

• Polycarbonate + Stainless Steel - used on bending equipment and for manual assembly.

The range of "Continent" includes the following types of "warm" aluminum spacers:

Climaspacer - produced according to European technology, by extrusion of a solid profile from primary PVC painted in the mass, with further lamination with an aluminum tape for good adhesion with sealants. This technology makes it possible to combine the best sides of different materials for the spacer - 15 times lower thermal conductivity of plastic and good adhesion to aluminum. When using Climaspacer 15.5, even a single-chamber double-glazed unit with one i-glass and argon meets the requirements for heat transfer resistance in the

northern climatic zone - coefficient 1.34 w/м². Own production allows us to offer the best price for a warm frame and guarantee a service life of at least the service life of PVC profiles from which windows and doors are made. The high quality of the frames is ensured by the use of a professional grinding line.

ALUPROChromatechultra has been produced in Denmark at the Rolltech plant since the 1960s. During this time, the frame has established itself as one of the best proposals in the world in terms of the ratio of operational and technological parameters in the world. The method of combination of polycarbonate and stainless steel allows, while ensuring the best heat-saving characteristics, to fully preserve rigidity, strength and suitability for automatic bending at the level of an aluminum spacer. At the Continent plant, the frame is manufactured using modern equipment - an automatic Austrian frame bending machine with a four-seater BSV-4SANK magazine and meets all European standards.

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