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Input ventilation systems of plastic windows solve different tasks. At their installation, one should always keep to the rule that the air output from the room should always exceed the input. Since practically it is difficult to measure performance of draught shafts without specialists, so for taking decision one could use the following recommendations.

If the channels providing air extraction work badly, powerful input ventilation devices should not be installed. In that case one could do with half-measures and install FreshAir micro-ventilation systems which would help to reduce humidity in the space near windows. If draught channels work well, Aerovent ventilator can be installed. To avoid reverse air flow from draught channels to windows, it is not recommended to install more powerful devices in the flat.

Good ventilation for good health
Continuous ventilation
Helps avoid unpleasant odors

Continuous ventilation is a must if you want to maximize the quality of life indoors and achieve a healthy living climate. After all, you spend 85 percent of your time indoors. Ventilation helps avoid unpleasant odors, allergies and other health problems. In addition, your building or home will be protected against condensation problems and mold formation.

With window ventilation, you bring fresh air into your home in a natural way via the dry zones such as the living room and bedroom. This advantage alone makes the investment worthwhile. Simply because using this method - in combination with a solid system for discharging polluted indoor air – you are guaranteed to benefit from healthy indoor air at all times. In addition, these ventilation grilles are installed so that they do not visually interfere with the overall appearance of your facade.

Supply ventilation

The group of devices of FreshAir micro-ventilation refers to self-ventilation systems of windows and the space near windows. Its principle is based on the pressure difference outside and inside the room. From the outside of the window into the space between the frame and the leaf, a special valve is mounted which lets in dense and cold air from outside to the gap between the leaf and the frame. Under influence of pressure difference, this air rises upwards and penetrates into the room through another valve which is fitted into the upper part of the window.

Passing between the frame and the leaf, the air gradually becomes warm and gets inside the room not so cold already. Such system has throughput capacity of 7-11 m3/h/m. “Continent-Windows” offers the FreshAir system in case it is necessary to eliminate humidity from the space near window. Advantage of this system is its mounting simplicity. The customer can install it himself on the window already installed and operated.


We recommend Aerovent window ventilators for installation in flats, small private houses and badly ventilated service rooms.
Reasons of installation:
- constant (24 hour) inflow of fresh air without significant loss of heat,
- control direction of fresh air flow,
- mixing of air arriving from outside with room air. With that, cold mass of air arriving to the upper part of the room is distributed evenly enough around the room space, and, mixing with room air, reduces its humidity without significant reduction of the room temperature.
- this type of airing also allows keeping sound-insulation value of construction.

Installation of one or two ventilators in the windows in distant places from draught shafts (bathroom, kitchen, and water closet) will allow optimal airing the whole flat. With that, it is not reasonable to install more than 1 ventilator for 2-3 draught holes, since circulation may work incorrectly at that.
- Ventilator is directly cut into the profile.
- It has a mosquito net.
- It is controlled manually or with a cord.
- Water-proofness up to 600 Pa in closed position.
- Air flow at 2 Pa is 21 m3/h

For private houses, large flats, offices, service rooms and special rooms, window insulation should be calculated individually depending on the room volume, location of draught holes, performance and number of draught points.

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