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Together with the profile system, window handles are the most important stylistic element of a window. With the wide selection of styles and colours of our handles, you can create visible highlights both in classical or in modern design

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Hardware for PVC windows is a closed type hardware installed all around casement perimeter. Hardware importance is hard to overestimate. Windows’ lifetime and performance depend on it. Different manufacturers put different functions so everyone can choose the best suitable option. High-quality Roto NT Tilt&Turn hardware system is suitable for the most different window shapes. All over the world, it sets standards as a technology and market leader, and fulfils the most stringen requirements in terms of security, ease of use, durability and design.

All components from the Roto NT modular system are perfectly tailored to each other and offer almost unlimited combination possibilities, thus enabling customers' various requirements to be met as flexibly as possible.

Suitable for:

  • Turn-Only / Tilt&Turn windows
  • The following sash weights with visible Roto NT hinge side - up to 130kg with PVC profiles

A window or balcony door handle is a small and at the same time important temporary element, without which the functionality of the reveal window and door systems is completely unimaginable. The main task of a handle is a simple and reliable opening, closing and tilt-and-turn adjustment of the window. The handle is attached directly to the window fitting. The quality here determines the durability - the most important characteristic of all such elements. The window handle of inferior quality will initially make the opening process difficult and then it will just break. So that you never have problems with it, we only offer high quality and reliable window and balcony door handles in our assortment. In addition, the handle has an additional but important function. Like the window itself, the handle should also be well and conviniently combined with various materials for interior finishing and decoration, where the window constructions are installed.

When implementing the design project, every visible element plays its role, so the window handle is no exception. In our assortment you will find high-quality and reliable handles made of different materials in various colours and shapes. High quality and possibility to show your individuality - that you get when using our window handles.

The window handle also contributes to the safety of your home and your children. Window handles with a built-in locking cylinder will be a nice complement to your windows, as they can protect the children from careless and unconscious window opening and at the same time make unwanted burglary difficult.

The continuous further development of window handles emphasises the successive development from a simple operation mechanism to a visible highlight on the window. Roto window handles are certified in accordance with RAL and ensure a long-term operation of the first-class technology.

Wide range of colours to match the window.
Durable and easy to use.
Also available in key version.


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