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Kontinent history

Kontinent-Group LLC is a leading Ukrainian window and door manufacturer, which has been dealing with the industrial production of windows since 1997.

Company’s history

It is difficult to imagine that just 20 years ago there were no plastic windows to be seen in Ukraine. In mid-90-s they were still considered as a wonder, and now almost everyone installs them. The first workshops of window production appeared at the very beginning of the last century. The name of the enterprise reflects two inseparable activity areas – industrial production and high quality service. Thus the name of Kontinent-Group LLC or Kontinent appeared. Every year the Company celebrates its birthday on December 18. At the new plant the first window constructions were made of the German profile Eforte in 2018. Only 10 windows were produced for the first month. He beginning of formation of the Kontinent retail network was opening of a shop in Eastern Ukraine and a section at a department of repair goods at the Department store in 1997. Since 2006 the Company has been working with Ukrainian profile Framex, thereof quality has been approved by international and domestic experts.

In 2002 the enterprise expanded the range of output production, having begun production of façade constructions. Production facilities of the plant Kontinent developed with high speed, products were successfully sold and were rather competitive at the market. In 2003, an own workshop of the plant was reequipped on the area of 4000 m2 in the territory the facilities of Selkhoztechnika. Aiming to increase production volumes and improve the quality of products, the plant Kontinent purchased “Elumatec” PVC production line, which enabled assembling of 120 constructions per shift. Also “Lisec” glass units’ production line with capacity of 400 glass units per shift was purchased. A new extruder and rotary table for “Lisec” glass department were purchased and put into operation. In 2006 one more “Fimtec” PVC production line with capacity of 120 units per shift was additionally purchased. At present the plant is one of the largest in production of metallic-plastic window constructions in Ukraine. The structure of the enterprise includes three workshops, 2 storehouses, distribution service, quality control department, supply service, service department, construction and mounting section, delivery service.

The history of the Company began from a small workshop for the production of PVC windows, one of the first in the east of Ukraine
A workshop for painting aluminum mini profiles and production workshop double-glazed windows
Production growth by production of PVC windows
Acquisition of the first production site. The production of PVC panels extrusion was launched
Beginning of the production of facade constructions
Launch of equipment for production to the leadership of PVC products Elumatec manufacturer with 120 designs per shift
A new extrusion workshop was built PVC profiles
The Company has been working with Ukrainian profile «Framex» , thereof quality has been approved by international and domestic experts. Extrusion workshop started aluminum profiles
Awards of independent rating agencies for high quality products received annually
Expansion of production aluminum profiles. Running second press using the use of high-precision instruments cops. Start of market research to export of product to European countries (Austria, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands etc.)
Received international quality certificate ISO 9001. An aluminum smelting shop was acquired. A workshop for the production of profiles from aluminum alloys was acquired
Area 5000sq.m. 1000 designs per day. The staff is more than 400 people. The company consists of a central office and 17 representative offices in the largest cities of Ukraine
Research carried out in Rosenheim laboratories constructions made of PVC and obtained test report
A new factory for the production of PVC and aluminum windows and doors has been opened in the very center of Ukraine
Expansion of production: area 35 hectare, industrial buildings with a total area of 120m²
Launch of new production areas. Expansion of the car park
Integration of the «Elegante» innovative profile system, which was awarded the best profile in 2019 and won the recognition of investors. Powder painting shop was launched. Expansion of warehouse space
Expansion and development of the export sales market. Development and approval of the company development program "Strategy 2020"

Today company’s main goal is providing high competitiveness at the market due to offering new interesting products for purchasers, development of high European standards of work with the purpose of providing stable high quality of manufactured products. Special attention is paid to development of service system for customers at all work stages: from consultation to after-sales service.

In 2012 the plant Kontinent got the ISO 9001 international quality certificate. Thus, this is one of the few enterprises in Ukraine in production of plastic and aluminum constructions certified by high international standards.

At present, both the plant and the brand are indisputable leaders of the industry branch. Enormous amount of large objects and private houses was glazed with constructions produced at the plant Kontinent. Windows and façades produced at the plant, decorate houses of almost all the cities of the region. Namely masters of the plant Kontinent-Group LLC made and mounted constructions at the “Obzhora” shopping center, at the “Parkovy” residence complex, at the “Druzhba” sport palace, at the City Council, at the Kiev synagogue, great number of schools, kindergartens and hospitals were glazed.

The plant Kontinent offers windows of domestic profile systems Framex and Hoffen, with German hardware Roto and Turkish hardware Accado. Plant’s production facilities are ones of the most powerful in Ukraine. Application of modern high-precision equipment, high-qualified staff, and own engineering elaborations enabled leading the plant’s production to a principally new level at the market of Ukraine. Constructions of such complicacy are possible for performing for only a few companies in Ukraine. Arches, triangles, transoms, bellows, sliding constructions and many other. Minimal application of manual work provides high quality of production from window to window. Quality of constructions is proved by certificates of conformance to the State Standards, by the ISO 9001 international certificate, a number of by right deserved awards and thousands of grateful customers.

Besides metallic-plastic windows and doors, the enterprise offers all kinds of glazing – from interior partitions to enormous sliding doors and cold frameless glazing.

The plant has a well-developed network of wholesale partners which has been cooperating with it for many years. But the enterprise has a reserve of production capacities and invites new dealers from Europe for partnership.

Company presentation

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