Decoration of profiles

Color high-quality windows will give much esthetic pleasure. Namely decorating will help the house to be distinguished among great amount of houses with white windows.

ламинация ПВХ профиля   цветные окна

Decoration of PVC profiles

Lamination of PVC profiles is the process during which a color film is rolled on the hot plastic profile under influence of temperature and mechanical pressure at very low speed. The glue layer, melting in the process of application of the film, connects the surface of the film and the profile, making a homogeneous structure. Lamination of PVC profile is mostly used at production of plastic windows by individual orders or in case when it is necessary to preserve the original look of the building façade. Lamination film is very strong, its outside is notable for high resistance to atmospheric impacts and UV-rays, and it keeps coloration brightness for long time. Such film can imitate the structure and color of different kinds of trees. It can also be single colored (grey, red, yellow, green etc.)

According to customer’s choice, the profile can be delivered with one-sided or both-sided profile lamination.

There are always main colors available, but for individual orders absolutely all color solutions are possible.

Main colors for lamination of PVC profiles, aluminum and frames of mosquito nets:

9.3167 004-116700

9.3167 004-116700

8875 05-116700

9.2097 013-116700

6005 05-116700

7016 05-116700

7012 05-116700

7155 05-116700


9.2178 001-116700
Golden Oak

Decoration of aluminum profiles

алюминиевые накладки: готовый объектAluminum profiles can be decorated with special films, in imitation wood and other materials, and constructions can be designed in most unusual way. There is a standard palette of decorating films for aluminum, and there are absolutely individual variants of decoration available. Taking into account frequent application of aluminum constructions in offices, decoration in own brand colors in color of the interior or façade is possible.

Anodizing is application of special coating in electrolytic way. The main intention of this coating is to prevent the oxidation process in the air and to protect against insignificant mechanical damages. Anodizing takes place in the process of oxidation – mergence of material with oxygen, the layer width is 10-20 micrometers. Articles made of anodized aluminum have a very solid appearance and absolute resistance to atmospheric impacts. The color available is matt metallic.



Powder coating

The plant “Continent-Windows” has its workshop for painting aluminum profiles, equipped with state-of-art equipment. At aluminum painting, the production uses only polyether and polyurethane resins, since only they suit for external application. At powder dying, the layer of elastic plastic is polymerized immediately onto dyed surface, with very high adhesion, as result which the shockproof coating with anticorrosive features and work temperature range from -60°C to +150°C is created.
As a result of strict compliance with technology of application polymeric dyes, high-quality protective decorating coating is created. The advantages of powder dying consist above all in durability, economy, and ecological compatibility of coating. And besides, there is a wide color palette available.

Standard RAL palette of powder coating:

палитра алюминиевых накладок


If you have not chosen a color from the standard palette, the company Kontinent Group LLC can offer you to choose an individual color of the whole RAL palette to order.

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