False binding

фальшпереплетыVenetian frame bars or “false transoms” are stuck onto glass surface from one or both sides and they are mostly made of plastic, and less often – of wood or aluminum. They are stuck on two-sided adhesive tape or on soft silicon, and they are easy to remove if necessary. Venetian frame bars have rounded or trapezoidal shape in section, and they appear on the glass surface. False transom – a PVC profile for decoration of PVC windows, provides visual “separation” of a glass unit.

A glass unit can be decorated with false transom profile of different width. Application of different kinds of profiles enables creating constructions in different architectural styles. After removing the protective film at the rear side of this profile one can to stick this profile onto glass unit surface for window decoration.

False transom is stuck symmetrically on both sides of a glass unit. By means of false transom we have a possibility to decorate glass unit, and consequently the window in whole, according to the most various wishes of customers and design extravagances.

декорирование стеклопакетакупить фальшпереплеты



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