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Types of mosquito systems

Противомоскитные сеткиA mosquito net solves its main task: not to let through anything unnecessary into the room, particularly insects (mosquitoes, flies etc.). The net is a light construction of aluminum profile equipped with handles, with stretched cellular plastic cloth.

Framed mosquito nets are easily removed and washed with usual water jet. Any types of mosquito nets provide fine visibility due to grey color and 100% air penetration without insects. They are resistant to slight deformation and rupture. The color of a mosquito net does not change with the time, and the net does not crumble.

Decoration of mosquito nets

The plant “Continent-Windows” can offer service of painting the profile of mosquito net. At that, plastic connectors will be either white or dark-brown, depending of which color by RAL the net profile is to be painted. The net itself is not painted. It is always of the even grey color. We offer a wide range of mosquito systems.

Window mosquito systems

Framed window mosquito system (profile 10x20 mm) is removable and on hinges

Противомоскитные сетки    Противомоскитные сетки    крепление противомоскитной сетки

It can be fixed stationary either on angles or on hinges from the outside part of frame. Fixing on hinges is reasonable in option of window protection in the balcony or a loggia, especially in case there is a rack for clothes drying outside the window. Butt hinges are fixed to the outside part of frame and opening of a mosquito net is towards outside. By this system is mostly used for windows in completion with angles. If there is a necessity of making a window net of big enough size is needed, it is better to use other window systems or a wing door system with a 17x25 profile as a stronger one.

This system is most widespread as most profitable in price.

Intra-frame window mosquito system (10x30) mm

москитные сетки    москитная сетка    крепление москитной сетки

The main peculiarity of this system is mounting without drilling the window frame. For application of this mosquito net, there is no need to make additional holes in the frame for angles fixing.

This mosquito net is installed inside the frame and is snapped for the weather strip with special rotary fasteners.

Mounting and demounting are very simple. It is enough simply to turn fasteners aside. Intra-frame mosquito system has an esthetic look both from the inside and from the side of the building façade.

Roll-down mosquito system

ролетные москитные сетки   ролетная москитная сетка   ролетные москитные сетки

This is a mechanism consisting of: a roll of net, guiding profile, a crossbar with handles, retainers and a tension spring. It can be mounted both inside and outside the room. The products have a high strength reserve and provide rather long functioning.

A roll-down mosquito nets are resistant to environment impacts. The window roll-down net with vertical opening is notable for simplicity of construction: unified guide piece, mechanical retainer and simplified end plank (one-sided handle + string-leash).

In the vertical window net, the box is installed at the top, the net moves from the top downward and is fastened due to snap handles.

A roll-down mosquito system does not require much place for keeping during the winter time, remaining all year round fastened on the window or door aperture in unrolled or rolled up state. Using a mosquito net is as and when required, at that it is less exposed to clogging up and it frees us from constant removing and installations.

The system is barely visible both from inside and from outside of the window.

Construction with lateral guide pieces enables lowering and fixing the mosquito net, and then unrolling it back in the box.

Pile weather-stripping in the guide pieces provides reliable insulation, and aluminum box protects the shaft with the net against bad weather, which increases the life-time of mosquito net.

Window sliding net


It is very easy to use. It is used mostly in glazed balconies and loggias. It can be fixed both on windows opening inside rooms and on sliding systems of the outside part of construction.

It has an esthetic look and can be performed in the same color as the window profile.

Door mosquito systems

Door wing net (17x25 profile) on hinges

дверная распашная москитная сетка  дверные москитные сетки дверные москитные сетки распашные

It is mostly used for balcony doors in completion with hinges, but it can be also installed on big size windows.

It is stronger in comparison with window framed system (10x20 mm), has a wider profile and more serious fastening.

It is intended for standard size doors – up to 1200 mm wide.

For closing big door apertures, it is recommended to use a door sliding system.

Door sliding mosquito system

дверная раздвижная москитная сетка    раздвижная противомоскитная сетка

This system is stronger in comparison with a window sliding system. It is intended for closing big apertures with doors opening inside a room or sliding doors. It is often used in completion with inclining sliding and lifting sliding.

Due to application of such a system, proper airing can be obtained through exit to a terrace or to a veranda.

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