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The quality of ready product – a window – depends on many components, one of which is a profile. This is an important component, but not the main one, when choosing a window. The window is not assembled in home conditions like a construction set. The quality, continuous life time, and comfort of using it by the customer depend on many factors.

Taking into consideration into which room a window is to be chosen, where the house is situated, which are requirements for energy saving and putting out noises etc., the specialists select materials and components for production of namely your window. One of the many materials is a window profile. And the right choice of materials is the third part of the way to getting a high-quality window.

Another one-third is choosing the manufacturer of construction. Because that is from the plant where the ready product comes out which practically is not subject to remaking. Therefore correct making a window is the second step to the high-quality window.

When choosing a profile for the window, special features of climate conditions, level of street noises, dimensions of construction, its design and opening type should be taken into consideration. In this question, the best thing is to consider advices of an experienced manager. Main characteristics of profile systems are energy saving and rigidity. The wider a profile is, the bigger its size is, the warmer it is. The shape and thickness of internal reinforcement, and also geometry of internal partitions provide rigidity of the profile, and consequently the rigidity of the window construction.

The plant “Continent-Windows” produces windows and doors of PVC and aluminum. The plant has the choice of six types of window profile systems of PVC. The difference between a window profile and a door profile with the same name consists only in geometry of cutting of a profile system. Energy saving, sound-insulating and other features remain the same.

Comparative technical specifications of window and door PVC systems

PVC profile systems Framex-Optimus, Hoffen Framex 71 Eforte 84
Cutting of window system

Application Good choice and significant money-saving Excellent combination of price and quality new standards for energy efficient window profiles
Mounting depth, mm 58 71 84
Insulation values of the overall window Uw (W/m2K)
Excellent frame thermal insulation value
1,6 1,4 0,95
Number of chambers 4 5 6
Reinforcement type C-type G-type  G-type
System of ledge sealing two-contoured two-contoured three-contoured
Color of sealant grey grey grey
Thermal transmittance coefficient Ug (W/(m2K))
One-chamber 4.16.4i_24i 1,4 1,4 -
4.16.4i_24i+Ar 1,1 1,1 -
Two-chamber 1,31,3 - 1,1 1,1 -       - 1,1 -       - 0,7 -


The plant “Continent-Windows” offers optimal in price and quality series of aluminum windows and systems Asas-Rescara and Profilati of the window and door series. It is used for making inside and outside doors, partitions inside the rooms. The chosen range of systems allows performing orders with the most various requirements in esthetics and technical specifications. Wherever necessary, the plant is ready to produce constructions of any aluminum profile systems of the world brands at customer’s option.

Comparative technical specifications of window and door systems of aluminum

Aluminum profile systems Asas-10 Asas-46 Asas-69

Application inside premises, shops, kiosks inside premises, shops, kiosks glazing at height, shops, offices, flats, houses
Mounting depth of frame, mm 45 46 69
Mounting depth of leaf, mm 45 52 74

Resistance to heat transmission, m2C/W

нет нет 0,62
System of ledge sealing two-contoured two-contoured three-contoured
Thickness of glass packet, mm 4; 5; 6; 20 6; 20 24; 30
Thickness of outside wall, mm 1,4 1,4 1,6

Sliding systems

  Sliding systems Balconies Terraces
Profile system Framex H-Sh Framex-71 Framex-71 RST 116 H-Sh Framex ST79 Profilati Fr S 22 B-Glass T-Glass
Sliding type lift-sliding door
tilt-sliding warm door “bellows” warm sliding door lift-sliding warm door Sliding warm door “bellows” warm sliding door cold sliding partition outside sliding cold partition “bellows” warm sliding door

Opening degree if aperture
1/2 aperture 1/2 aperture for the whole width 1/2  for the whole width 1/2 or 2/3 aperture for the whole width 1/2 aperture for the whole width for the whole width
Maximal length of construction 12m    3,2m 6m 12m 12m 6,3m 6m not limited not limited
Coefficient of resistance to heat transmission of profile 0,75-0,8 0,79 0,79 0,62 0,3-0,35 0,37 0 0 0
Glass packet (optionally) 24,40mm 24,32,42mm 24,32,42mm 24,26,32,34mm 24,28mm 24,32mm 4,5,6,10 mm single glass 8 mm single shockproof glass 10 mm single shockproof glass
Level of noise insulation ***** ***** **** ***** **** ***** * * *
Level of hermeticity ***** ***** ***** ***** **** **** *** ** **
Type of sealant rubber and weather stripping rubber rubber rubber and weather stripping weather stripping rubber weather stripping silicone and weather stripping silicone and weather stripping

Height of doorsill
35,5mm, 58mm 70mm 60mm, 40mm 45.20mm 41mm 65mm 32mm 50mm no
Level of construction price ***** *** **** **** *** *** * *** ****
Optimal place for using construction Optimal place for using construction    Exit form the house to heated or unheated terrace, to the garden, to the swimming pools. Indispensable in cases when serious heat insulation of very large aperture is required Exit from the house to balcony or in the interior. Alternative to wing window or ordinary door. Used if economy of space  for wide opening required Used if serious protection against harmful impacts and if a large aperture is to be opened and there is no space for big leaves of sliding systems to move back. For example, exit from the house  to terrace Exit to heated veranda. Glazing of balconies, loggias, terraces, winter gardens. Very large constructions can be made In the interior Used if average protection against outside impacts required (exit to winter garden, to heated terrace) and if a large aperture is to be opened, and there is no space for large leaves to move back, or maximal field of view is to be profided! Glazing of balcony, loggia, inside doors Glazing of balcony, loggia, constructions of any type Glazing of terrace, constructions of any type


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