Protection of doorsill of balcony door

                                                                                                   накладки на порог

The frame of a balcony door should serve long period and maintain its original appearance. Namely the lower part of frame is exposed to the greatest loading. The doorsill should be done in the way that one could step safely on it and not be concerned about external view of the profile itself. With the purpose of protecting the lower part of the balcony door frame, the plant “Continent-Windows” created a special cover for the doorsill. It consists of two parts:

- an angle for the part of frame which is visible from outside of the house;

- a plate which is fastened on the horizontal part of frame and protects it against impacts from above.





накладки на порог

To fix the doorsill (cover) to the frame, mechanical connections or glue are used. Aluminum is the material of which doorsills are made. The sill is painted with resistant to abrasion and scratches paint, in one of standard RAL colors. The doorsill fit in organically with modern construction design, and its qualitative characteristics remain unchanged for decades.

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