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ELEGANTE 76 – French doors PVC Belgian profile

The 6-chamber PVC profile system Elegante (Deceuninck) with its exceptional performance and modern, elegant design, Elegante is a real breakthrough in PVC window style on the market

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PVC system Elegante 76 (Deceuninck)

  • The 6-chamber profile system Elegante is created as a symbiosis of design possibilities and a unique revolutionary design that has no analogues on the European market. Designed for the manufacture of windows and balcony doors of rectangular, inclined, trapezoidal, round shapes, as well as rectangular entrance doors with outward and inward opening.


  • Profile system Elegante is certified and meets the most stringent European norms and standards. The system has been certified by such standards organizations as: IFT Rozenheim, Zentrumfur Bauengineering AG, Prufzentrumfur Bauelemente.

Elegant design for modern buildings

  • The thinnest PVC profiles on the market will amaze you with their minimalistic lines and modern looks. You can compare it to any modern aluminum facade.

The main indicators of the Elegante profile (french door constructions) system:

  • Number of air chambers - 6
  • Mounting depth - 76 mm
  • Maximum width of a glass unit - 70 mm

Thermal conductivity:

  • Uf = 0.93 W/m2K
  • Ug = 0.5 W/m2K
  • Uw best value = 0.63 W/m2K

Elegante 76 is a new generation window profile system:

  • Elegante is a new generation window profile system.
  • The thinnest PVC profile on the market thanks to a fold of only 9 mm
  • Possibility of additional amplification
  • Glazing ability with triple glass
  • Anti-burglary equipment that meets all safety classes

What makes French doors from the Elegante profile system the most effective

French doors from the Elegante profile captivate with their sophisticated and expressive shape, while meeting the maximum requirements for size, thermal and acoustic insulation and burglar resistance.

  • Unique, innovative design. Having received the award for innovative design, Elegante is a system that represents new trends in the development of PVC windows ;
  • It has a modern look without compromising on thermal or structural performance. A wide choice of decors - lamination films and the possibility of using aluminum plates make the system with an exquisite taste design;
  • The visual differences between Elegante systems and aluminum systems are almost invisible - in both cases, these systems give the building an elegant and modern look ;
  • But in terms of performance and thermal characteristics, the PVC system is ahead of aluminum: PVC profiles will always be warmer ;


New opportunities

The profile design implements the technology of gluing double-glazed windows. Thick glass and a 2-3-chamber glass unit provide excellent sound insulation.



Has not only excellent energy saving options that meet passive house standards, but is also particularly resistant to weather conditions.



From a security point of view, the system achieves the RC2 burglar protection class, which is the standard. Safety increases the possibility of using a steel core in the profile.



Slim, expressive shapes, sharply defined (sharp) edges and square glazing make the Elegante profile system a new generation window system that is a worthy alternative to aluminum windows.

  • Pearl White Swan

  • Anthracite Grey R

  • Black

  • Dark Oak

  • Mahagony R

  • Nussbaum R69

  • Golden Oak R

  • Cloudy Grey

  • Forest Green

Technical parameters

technical-parameters icon
  • The 6-chamber window profile Elegante differs not only in its design, but also in its thermal insulation properties.
  • In addition, the Elegante profile saves heating costs and reduces environmental impact.
  • And is completely recyclable. Its core is made from recycled PVC.
technical-parameters icon
  • Made of hard impact-resistant polyvinyl chloride type PVC-U, E-D-L-P-076-25-23 in accordance with DIN16830.
  • Maximum thermal insulation (coefficient of resistance to heat transfer 0.79)
technical-parameters icon
  • Density 1.46 g/cm².
  • Vicat softening point 82⁰C.
  • Elasticity coefficient (E) 2500 N/mm².
technical-parameters icon
  • Specific thermal conductivity 0.15 W/m²C.
  • Linear expansion coefficient 7.0 * 10⁵/deg.
  • Linear change after warm storage (1 hour at t = 373 K) < 2%.

Available accessories

Design of visible elements

Visible window fittings are designed to complement the entire window veiw. To do this, special decorative pads are installed on the hinges. This decorates the appearance of the window and prevents dust from entering, and also extends the service life of components.


Microlift is often used on large, heavy flaps. The structural mechanism acts as a fuse against breakdowns caused by sagging sashes. This element of the hardware partially reduces the load on the window hinges, allowing the sash to be correctly positioned when closing so that the lower part does not touch the frame.

Anti-burglar elements

Locking windows, balcony and patio doors with a clamp device ensures the anti-burglary safety of construction. The anti-burglar elements is resistant to breaking into the hardware of window and is protected if the sash of the window or door is closed or tilted for ventilation.

Energy efficiency

Handles also play an important role in construction. A good fit of the sash to the frame prevents cold air from penetrating and protects from heat loss from the inside out. Our range are full of handles with colour array options and mordern shape. The implemented solutions give wide possibilities offerings that fulfill Clients’ requirements and expectations.

High quality hardware

Our hardware are produce of high quality materials and have a protective coating against corrosion. This guarantees the reliability of window fhardwares andconvenient and hassle-free use of thewindow.

Striking plate

Managing of the clamp device is easy. A clamp device and striking plate provide reliable closing of a window. The striking plate and clamp device are connected so that breaking construction becomes much more difficult.

Window Сonstruction





Contecting profile

Double casemen





COMPONENTS and Accessories

Our production, as well as experienced employees give us the opportunity to achieve the perfect quality of our products.

To meet the growing expectations of customers, manufacturers must constantly monitor new technological developments and modify their offer, including those solutions that best suit the needs of users.

All products are made from components supplied by manufacturers recognized in markets around the world.

High-quality PVC profiles with optimal physical and mechanical properties used in prestigious European projects guarantee the reliability and durability of the products.

Accessories and hardware from renowned suppliers provide maximum energy savings, safety and functionality of products.

In this way, we can guarantee the longevity and longevity of our products.

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