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Pvc windows

The company Kontinent-Group LLC develops complex and high-tech facade solutions, door, window systems, internal partitions for office and residential spaces of various complexity and configuration

correct windows

Since its foundation, the group of companies "Kontinent" has glazed over 100 apartment buildings, more than 1,500 private cottages, offices, commercial buildings and industrial premises and has produced more than 50,000 non-standard constructions. The Kontinent window is a universal system that can cope with any design tasks and allows you to implement projects of varying complexity and geometry.

Group of companies "Kontinent", you can order windows made of plastic or aluminum, in different colors, with different fittings and glass units. KONTINENT plant produces windows of various levels of complexity. Windows can have a variety of shapes: ordinary rectangular, arched, round, trapezoidal, triangular or polygonal. They can have all kinds of options in size and opening. Resistance to wind and rain loads - up to class C, allows you to use the profile in any climatic zone of Europe. The profile system does not change color throughout the entire service life. System profile depth and air chambers provide maximum heat and sound insulation. Double-lip external seal of the narthex - reliable protection against rain and low breathability. Perfect glossy surface and snow-white color provides aesthetic appearance and ease of care. The rounded glazing bead and gray seal give the design a modern look. The profile can be laminated with films of various colors, as well as for valuable wood species. Aluminum trim can be used as outdoor decoration. We offer products that meet three international safety classes. With us, your windows will not only be of the highest quality, but will also protect your home from illegal entry.

COMPONENTS and Accessories

Our production, as well as experienced employees give us the opportunity to achieve the perfect quality of our products.

To meet the growing expectations of customers, manufacturers must constantly monitor new technological developments and modify their offer, including those solutions that best suit the needs of users.

All products are made from components supplied by manufacturers recognized in markets around the world.

High-quality PVC profiles with optimal physical and mechanical properties used in prestigious European projects guarantee the reliability and durability of the products.

Accessories and hardware from renowned suppliers provide maximum energy savings, safety and functionality of products.

In this way, we can guarantee the longevity and longevity of our products.

Our production

The quality of the finished window depends on many factors. Profile is only one of them. The window profile is the frame of the construction. The stronger the frame, the better fitted its elements, the more reliable the design

Hoffen 58

4 chamber profile

  • Mounting depth - 58mm
  • The maximum width of the glass unit is 32mm
  • Thermal conductivity:
    • Uf - 1.6 W/m2K
    • Ug - 0.8 W/m2K
    • Uw - 1.4 W/m2K

Ukrainian profile Hoffen 58

A classic PVC profile system that provides a set of the most essential consumer qualities at an affordable price. Designed for the manufacture of windows and doors of all shapes and types of opening.


Framex 71

5 chamber profile

  • Mounting depth - 71mm
  • The maximum width of the glass unit is 42mm
  • Thermal conductivity:
    • Uf - 1.4 W/m2K
    • Ug - 0.6 W/m2K
    • Uw - 1.05 W/m2K

Ukrainian Profile Framex 71

A modern, reliable profile system made of PVC in the middle price segment, which is characterized by energy-saving characteristics that are optimal for the climate of Ukraine.


Elegante 76

6 chamber profile

  • Mounting depth - 76mm
  • The maximum width of the glass unit is 70mm
  • Thermal conductivity:
    • Uf - 0.93 W/m2K
    • Ug - 0.5 W/m2K
    • Uw - 0.63 W/m2K

Elegante is a new generation window profile system.

With exceptional performance and a modern, elegant design, Elegante is a true breakthrough in the style of PVC windows on the market. Windows captivate with their sophisticated and expressive form, and at the same time meet the maximum requirements for size, thermal and acoustic insulation and anti-burglar protection. Elegante is a unique design without compromise.


Colors and design

  • Pearl White Swan

  • Anthracite Grey R

  • Black

  • Dark Oak

  • Mahogany R

  • Nussbaum R69

  • Golden Oak R

  • Cloudy Grey

  • Forest Green

Types of constructions

rectangle windows

The main production amount of the plant “Kontinent” is taken by standard rectangle windows of PVC and aluminum. They can be dead, folding, rotary or rotary-folding. Our company can produce up to 1000 constructions a day.
Our windows decorate great number of houses and flats of the east and south of Ukraine. Rectangle windows can be with unexpected opening types, as described below. And besides, color of profile systems of these windows can be various due to lamination or dying.


The panoramic window got such a name because it is installed in rooms with required higher filed of view. If a beautiful view for surroundings opens, so panoramic window is just the right thing.
Providing the width of the field of view is achieved due to the fact that these windows are always larger and without bridges. With that, the can be dead or opening. In some cases (if the building façade is cylindrical) the window is made bent (with application of bent glass and profile).

and bent constructions

Nowadays arch-type constructions have come firmly into fashion. There are several types of such windows. Integral arches look fine. They can be made both rotary and rotary-folding, but they are not as practical as arches with a horizontal bridge.
Such construction is more reliable and durable. Having agreed the color palette of an arch window, you can accentuate in advantageous way these or those details of interior decoration of the room. And an illusion of a little European house or a medieval castle can be created outsides.


As far as round windows are concerned, their production is possible, too. Plastic or aluminum profiles, used for creating various types of windows, take any shape. Windows can be monolithic without opening and they also can be made opening.
Desirable condition in this case is installation of vertical or horizontal transom bar on which hinges are installed. If a round one-piece window with opening is required, that can be folding opening for airing.

trapezium-shape windows

Trapezium-shape and triangle-shape windows are very popular. Installation of such type makes a room lighter and appearance of a house becomes more aristocratic.
Using any kinds of opening is possible in trapezium-shape constructions, depending on dimensions. However, special furniture is used with them. Such windows can be also made rotary and rotary-folding. In this case one angle will be right. Trapezium-shape window looks very beautiful. For it to be made rotary-folding, like both with trapezium-shape window and with triangle-shape window, there should be one right angle.


From the beginning of its existence, plant “Kontinent” has glazed over 100 multi-flat houses, over 1500 private cottages, office and shopping buildings, and industrial premises, having produced over 50 000 non-standard constructions.
Besides rectangle white windows, constructions of various shapes, colors, opening and dimensions are produced at the enterprise. You can order such windows of plastic or aluminum, in various color solutions, with various furniture and glass units at the plant “Kontinent”.


It is convenient to use transom windows for glazing premises with high ceilings and stair flights. For airing, it is enough to turn the handle or to pull the cord and the window will open in the airing mode.

Own production is a solid advantage

The company has its own production in Eastern Europe, which combines traditionally high German quality with the advantages of a place of production. Many customers from all over Europe already belong to our customers.

Group of companies “KONTINENT” is a distribution company of a leading European manufacturer of windows, which has been manufacturing plastic and aluminum windows and doors since 1997.

own production image

Our company is one of the largest production of pvc window constructions in Ukraine. Keeping up with market requirements, we presented materials and technologies for the production of windows with enhanced protection against heat loss, noise and burglary.

own production image

The wide possibilities of production, engineering and technical development and the choice of materials allow Kontinent to solve any architectural problems at a high level, and make it possible to produce high-quality constructions of any configuration with various types of glazing.

own production image

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The window factory CONTINENT is located in the center of Ukraine.

how can we help you?

KONTINENT experts will advise and help you choose a PVC profile, double-glazed window and fittings that will fully meet your expectations and their purpose

Full cycle production

The KONTINENT plant has a complete production complex, which begins with the production of profiles, window sills, drainage, double-glazed windows, mosquito nets and ends with quality control of finished constructions


With us - you are one step ahead!

The design department of the KONTINENT plant, in close collaboration with the laboratory, selects materials and develops technologies for the manufacture of new products


Quality assurance

The company constantly monitors the quality of its products using a high-precision control and measuring complex of Japanese production


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